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We recently modified our licensing process in order to make it more clear and transparent. To promote a more coordinated and direct approach we also established prior meetings in which prospective applicants can ask questions, better understand the requirements, and help resolve any potential issues prior to the application.

Consider that here you will find summary information that provides a general idea of our process. The Spanish version is a complete description and any licensing request must be submitted in Spanish. For more information and assistance please do not hesitate to write us.

Supervisor Expectations

In order to reduce the likelihood that the applicant will need to request additional information or submits information that is incomplete, we describe the criteria we use to evaluate a licensing application.

Self-assessment questionnaires

The self-assessment questionnaires will allow applicants to make an assessment of whether they will meet the expectations of the Superintendency to obtain the operating license.

These documents have been developed for each supervised system and contain the minimum requirements that will be considered in the evaluation of the application, thus allowing for a more efficient, timely and transparent licensing process.